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Geo-Mapping Project

Send in your photos, of local wild foods, fruit tree's and bushes, medicinal plants, and heritage trees.

Cochrane High School: Red Current Also at this location 2 Apple, 1 Black Current, 2 Cherry, 1 Saskatoon Berry.

One of the projects we are working on to benefit the community is a foods geo mapping project of the Town of Cochrane and the surrounding area. We are looking to map local fruit trees bushes and shrubs. As well as any other wild foods like horse radish, herbs and medicinal plants. If you got something cool in your yard or you are out at Ghost lake and you come across one of the many wild strawberry patches. Take a photo! We are also looking to map heritage trees. If you have a tree or bush that has been growing here for a long time, like 50-60 years Take a picture and tell us what you know about it. You can email them to us directly or post them here on our blog. If possible turn the location services on for your camera so we can geo map the plant in the photo Just in case tell us the location as well. What kind of plant it is. What does the plant do medicinal or fruit producing. If known when does it flower and fruit. As well as the date you took the picture We will get back to you with any further questions we may have.

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