Our Story

The Johnny Appleseed Project is a new company with big dreams. Taking its inspiration from the true Legend of Johnny Appleseed. The Johnny Appleseed Project uses new and innovative ways too not only carry on with his vision, but to revolutionize it and let it grow on a global scale.
             The Johnny Appleseed Project is a Tree and Arborist Services as well as a tree planting company, who believes the world’s climate is changing. Being the guy on the ground, and the friend of the tree, I see it every day. Humans have not only had a substantial impact on the natural world around us, but its natural evolution as well. As a global community we have realized that our actions affect survivability of wildlife and environment around us. Which in turn is a determining factor of our own survivability. That’s why the Johnny Appleseed Project goes further than just planting a tree for the planet. 
Company Mission Goals
Evolution and adaptation of plant species: to help adapt to climate change, drought, and forest fire
Climate Change Adaptation
Maintaining Genetic Adaptation
Restore Diminishing Forest Habitat
Provide a local healthy food source
To reestablish orchards, provide food sources for humans and wild life
To reverse harmful carbons, poisons, and toxins in the water, soil, and air.
Maximize the sustainability and productiveness of nature
Over population, maximizing the land that we have left to sustain our population.
Encourage cooperation and community involvement
Establishing systems of support