Tree Planting Services

For your Yard, Acreage, or Farm

We provide a variety of Planting services for your yard, acreage, farm, or business. What ever your needs we will come up with a plan and a solution. From back yard tree services, to commercial planting. We also offer specialty planning and planting services for sustainable wild orchard and food systems, permaculture planting, and survival gardens.
The Johnny Appleseed Project does, small to medium, land reclamation, Silva Culture, Permaculture and reforestation services. 
Tree Planting Services
Residential and Commercial Tree Planting
Trees for Privacy or Shade​
Trees and plants for flood mitigation
Building wind breaks, and sound barriers 
For your acreage or farm we offer:
Selecting, planning, and planting sustainable, hardy and decorative fruit trees, berry shrubs, and herb gardens.
 Guild Planting​​
Survival Gardens
Planting for profit
Permaculture Orchids, and guild planting
Survival Gardens
Tree adaptation and evolution of species planning and planting services.