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The True Legend of Johnny Appleseed

Johnny Appleseed's real name was John Chapman. He was born September 26, 1774, in the city Leominster Massachusetts, British America just west of Boston. Although there has been some dispute about the exact cause and timing of death. It is thought that he passed away March 18, 1845. He grew up during the midst of the uprising of the American Revolutionary War against British tyranny. He was a minute man at the Battle of Bunker (Breeds) Hill. He also helped George Washington construct the defences of New York against British invasion.
After the war John Chapman followed in his father’s footsteps and learned the trade of farming. He was an American pioneer nurseryman who was known to have introduced apple trees to large parts of North America. Including Ontario, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Indiana, and numerous northern counties of present-day West Virginia.
Johnny Appleseed was a barefoot wanderer who wore a tin pot for a hat, which he also used for cooking. He carried a sack of apples, so he might leave an orchard or nursery of trees everywhere he went. He became an American legend while still alive. He was known for his kind, generous ways, as well as his pioneering leadership in the conservation of nature. His importance, and contributions to the settlers at the time, and present days North Americas apple species cannot be understated. Johnny Appleseed was responsible for creating the conditions for apple trees to adapt and thrive in the new world home.  Michael Pollan botanist has been quoted while speaking about Johnny Appleseed saying "It was the seeds, and the cider, that give the apple the opportunity to discover by trial and error the precise combination of traits required to prosper in the New World. From Chapman's vast planting of nameless cider apple seeds came some of the great American cultivars of the 19th century."  Johnny Appleseed has been credited for creating many of the the great varieties of apple we love today, like the delicious, golden delicious, and the "hardy American apple."
Johnny Appleseed was reported dead March 18, 1845 (aged 70) Fort Wayne, Indiana, U.S. There has been some dispute about his actual time of death, and his death was reported by the newspapers and American Indians up to 2 years prior.
Unfortunately during prohibition the FBI destroyed most of the orchards Johnny Appleseed had planted. To keep the apples from being made into cider. The last known surviving tree to be planted by Johnny Appleseed himself, is 176 years old and grows on Nova Ohio. The tree grows tart green apples, which are reportedly now used for applesauce, baking and the making of cider.

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