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ISA Certified Arborist

Tree and Arborist Services

The Johnny Appleseed Project is ISA Certified, and provides a full range of expert level Tree  and Arborist Services. If you are looking for a service not on the list please let us know and we will be happy to help.

Diagnosis and PHC(Plant Health Care)

Insect and Disease Management

Community/Individual IPM Plan (Integrated Pest Management)

Systemic Tree Injections for Nutrient Deficiencies, Diseases, or Insect Infestations

Prescription Health Treatment Plans

General Health Care

Tree Risk Management

Tree Safety and Disease Inspections

Tree Risk Assessment Reports. 

Tree support Systems

Cabling and Bracing

Lightning Protection Systems


Habitat Correction

Trimming and Pruning

Tree Planting

Tree Climbing

Large Tree Removal

Storm Damage Removal

Technical Tree Falling and Cutting

Stump Removal

Tree Debris Removal

Soil Correction and Modification

Root aeration

Consulting Services

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