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Aspen Leaf Miner

Aspen Leaf Miner infest various species of Aspen trees. They are easy to identify by the honey dew(poo!) trails they leave behind on the leaf.

The larva is actually only active in the tree for a few week in June. After that the larva turn into a moth, lay eggs in the cracks of the tree, and the ground around the tree then fly off. The damage done to the tree in just those few weeks, can be extensive and potentially fatal to the tree. Treating Aspen leaf miner can be difficult because of the short time the insect is actually in the tree. Aspen leaf miner is best treated with an intravenous injection of a broad spectrum pesticide that is effective in the tree for up to 2 years. Since it is an injection there are no harmful side effects to people or the trees habitat. The injections may only be administered by an ISA Certified Arborist. Contact us for more information.

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