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Winter Drought = Tree shock

Winter drought is caused by the lack of snow cover on the ground during winters subzero temperatures. When that occurs the wind begins stripping what moisture is left in the ground. Otherwise known as reverse osmosis. As the process occurs fine white absorption roots are destroyed, and certain minerals rise to the surface like sodium. Those minerals then form a crust on the soils surface. So now that the water has been striped, because of the mineralization on the surface creating a crust. The ground will no longer absorb water. Being that this is the second year in a row we have suffered winter drought. Expect most trees to take a really long time to leaf out. There simply isn't enough moisture in the ground for the trees to come out of hibernation properly. Which means they will have to use stored energy reserves to do so. Likely leaving the tree in shock. Making it susceptible to disease and die back. Start watering your trees immediately. Slow deep root watering works best. If your tree goes into shock and is noticeably suffering we can help. The sooner you call the better for your tree.

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