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Spruce Budworm

Spruce Budworm is another on of those pest that are only active for a short period of time so the can be difficult to treat. They are a small green or brown worm that feeds on the new buds of a spruce tree. They can sometimes be seen dangling from a silk thread. Not only does this inhibit growth of the branches. The hormones for root growth are stored in the branches shoot tips. So it also inhibits roots growth as well. Canada loses thousands of acres of natural forest every year because of this worm. When they appear in an area or neighbourhood the quickly infest every Spruce tree around. There are a few partially effective natural controls available, like attracting natural predators. Systemic pesticide intravenously injected directly into the trees trunk will give your tree 2 year protection. There are no harmful side effects to people or the trees habitat. Contact us for more information.

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